Craghoppers NosiLife Marlin - Sweat-shirt - bleu (2017) Le Plus Populaire Homme Pulls & Sweats Série Sportive NINNCYO

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On the hunt for a cosy top with impressive hot-climate credentials? Slip into this cool, casual hoody that’s an ideal mid layer for tropical travel. Permanently sun-protective and insect-repellent, NosiLife Marlin makes the perfect cover-up when the sun dips and mossies descend. Ideal for shrugging on over sports or lounge wear.

The ultimate garment line with an integrated, non-washable insect protection. This protective technology is already interwoven with the production of the material. This innovative technology is unique in textile production. Independent test laboratories have tested the protection for the entire life of the garments. These tests also show that the NosiLife technology from Craghoppers provides up to 90 % protection from mosquito bites and other insect bites, thus providing additional protection against life-threatening diseases such as malaria.

Get out there and enjoy the sun without taking risks. Craghoppers SolarShield fabric technology has been tried and tested to give you up to UPF50+ protection from harmful UV rays. SolarShield is Craghoppers range of permanent sun-protective fabric tested for UV-protection up to UPF50+. Sun-protection is given by a combination of 3 things, the density of the fabric construction, the type of yarns used and its colour. The SolarShield rating is excellent. The blocked UVR 97.5%+. UV Radiation 2.5% or less.

It is important that garments on trips are particularly easy and packable. Craghoppers has made this the task and tries to make all products as easy as possible without impairing the protective functions and the technical advantages.

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  • Craghoppers NosiLife Marlin - Sweat-shirt - bleu (2017) Le Plus Populaire Homme Pulls & Sweats Série Sportive NINNCYO